Thursday, November 12, 2009

Testing Out the Pumpkin Brioche

So I made a batch of HBin5 pumpkin brioche and I split it up, half into cinnamon rolls which are torturing my kids in the oven as we speak, and half into a loaf designated for French toast in a day or two. Then I realized I really needed a blog unless I wanted to invite everyone to be my friend on facebook. . . so here I am. I'll post photos when they're done. Here is a LINK to the pumpkin brioche recipe.


  1. hi teresa, your blog looks great. i have several going for different things right now and it's really a lot of fun and rather addicting. my baking blog is come visit sometime.


  2. So far your doing great. Cant wait to see your pics! :)

  3. Doing great. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing your pics.


  4. Looks good. I started my blog when I joined a different cook-a-long. You'll be an ol' pro in no time!

  5. WOW...already 4 comments and I'm the 5th and you haven't even posted any pics yet!

    Can't wait to see the pics!

  6. Babe, where are the photos?! Where are the photos?!!


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